Site Building – the details

Site Building – the details

Site Building is a process and a project

It is not enough to come up with an inspiration.  There is a framework, basis, and building blocks and details to a professional site.


From color and graphic design to technical to sales structure to data and workflow, we conceive and focus your message so that your site will be effective, attractive and informative.


Using all the tools of the ‘net, we build the web systems that you need to support your business.

Content Management – the details

Content Management – the details

Content Management is what happens after your site is open.

So you have a nice site that looks like it does what you want for you and your activities.  What now?

Maintaining Interest

For most web site owners, the site provides information to an audience that expects change, enhancement and continuous update.

Maintaining Timeliness

Managing content can be a lot of work but is is very important to successful websites. Working closely with you, we can keep your site fresh and attractive, ensuring effectiveness.

Maintaining Message

As you change, your message must change with you.  From tyhe new art to the new opinion, your viewers want today’s story, not the one from yesterday.

ECommerce – the details

ECommerce – the details

ECommerce includes all phases of selling online.  Design, choice of words and images and sales facilitation all play a role.

Using the most effective tools available, we will build you an online store that sells!

There are significant financial, liability and business issues here – getting it right spells success!

Website Management – the details

Website Management – the details

Web Sites are complicated

With aesthetic and content concerns, security, privacy, preformance and reliability issues come maintenance and support activities.Website Management is the process of procuring and implementing the services (hosting, name management, data storage, server location / management) that you need to support your web presence.

Website Management is Technical

Some of it is easy to verify because the proof is on the screen.  The question is simple:  Can folks see your site and are you getting the responses from them that you want.

Some is more subtle. Vigilance and action are requires to keep your site healthy and happy.